What Is the Spring Awakening 2020 Festival?

Chicago is famous for hosting some of the world’s best music festivals like Lollapalooza and Pitchfork, but when it comes to electronic music, Spring Awakening is the grandmaster of the genre, along with Ultra Miami and Electric Daisy. The festival contains everything very dedicated EDM fan can want: powerful lineup (DJ Snake, Marting Garrix, Flosstradamus, Benny Bennasi), huge open-air location, staggering on-stage visuals, and big attendance to feel with the crowd (around 100,000 fans).

Where is Spring Awakening 2020?

The location of the festival is the Poplar Creek Music Theater. It can be found by the address 5523 Prairie Stone Pkwy, Hoffman Estates, Illinois, 60192, USA.

How Much Are Spring Awakening Tickets?

The providers have the following offers for different days:

  • All-day pass: from $188
  • Day 1 pass: from $188
  • Day 2 pass: from $200
  • Day 3 pass: from $189

Spring Awakening Lineup 2020

spring awakening lineup 2019

Full info can be found here.

What to Bring with Yourself for Camping?

The following items will be useful:

What is the Lollapalooza Festival?

Created by Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrel as a farewell tour for the band, Lollapalooza (or Lolla) has overgrown its format and has become the full-grown iconic music festival that gathers more than 160,000 fans every year in Chicago, IL.

Lolla includes, but does not limit itself with the genres of alternative rock, punk, hip hop, metal and dance music. What’s more important, the festival is more than just music: it’s about sustainability, the prosperity of culture and visual art, and non-profit activism.

Lollapalooza has also made further expansions, and, like Ultra Music Festival, has child fests in Paris, Berlin, Santiago, Saõ Paolo, and  Buenos Aires.

How Much Do The Lollapalooza Festival Tickets Cost?

The prices for the Lollapalooza 2020 start at $340 for the 4-day pass, according to the ticket provider StubHub (prices are subject to changes), with the average price of $254. You can choose from:

  • General Admission.
  • General Admission + (private lounges and restrooms, discounts on drinks).
  • VIP (premium lounges, golf cart transportation between the North and South Lolla Zones, elevated viewing platforms).
  • Platinum (luxurious climate-controlled North & South Lounges, premium viewing areas in front of four stages, access to on-stage viewing,

The providers have the following ticket offers:

  • All-day pass: from $340
  • Day 1 pass: from $188
  • Day 2 pass: from $194
  • Day 3 pass:  from $202
  • Day 4 pass: from $172

Lollapalooza tickets are popular and limited, so don’t miss your chance and buy them before other fans do!

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What Are The Lollapalooza Dates?

This year’s Lolla starts on Thursday, July 30, and will last for 4 days, until Sunday, August 2.

What Is The Lollapalooza 2020 Lineup?

This year’s lineup hasn’t been announced yet but the 2019 edition featured Ariana Grande, Childish Gambino, The Strokes, Tame Impala, The Chainsmokers and more.

Grab the poster with the full Lollapalooza 2019 lineup below!
lollapalooza poster 2019

What Is The Lollapalooza Schedule This Year?

The organizers have not announced the day-to-day schedule of the festival yet. Follow us on the socials to get the latest updates about the Lollapalooza 2020 schedule!

Where Is Lolla 2020 Held?

This year’s Lollapalooza festival location is Grant Park, which is in Chicago, IL. The venue can be found at the address 337 E Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60601.

Where To Stay During Lollapalooza 2020?

Unfortunately, the Lolla organizers do not offer any camping for the fest attendees. Check out the available hotels in Chicago, IL and nearby. There are dozens of places to stay near the Lollapalooza, and the average prices are $240 per night. Sharing the room with your friends can drop the price.

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How To Get To The Lollapalooza Festival?

To get to Lolla, you can choose one of the following transportation options:

  • Public Transport: the Chicago Transit Authority has the bus routes to Grant Park from the focal city places and both Chicago Airports. Use GoRoo for route planning.
  • Taxi: get dropped off at the gates near Congress and Michigan Avenue, or Columbus and Monroe.
  • Car: follow the directions of your preferred navigation app.
    Additionally, you may need the parking pass for your vehicle. The price of the parking pass ranges from $5 to $35 per day. To find and book the available parking spots near Lolla, use ParkWhiz.

Tips for the safe and quick way to the Lollapalooza festival:

  • Traffic is subject to change, so be careful of the traffic jams, and plan your route wisely.
  • Follow the signs and obey all the traffic laws.
  • Book your plane/bus tickets and parking spots beforehand to save money on early prices.

Lollapalooza Festival 2019 Trailer

Lollapalooza Playlist

Frequently Answered Question

How old do you have to be to attend the Lollapalooza Festival?

To attend the Lollapalooza festival, you should be at least _ years old. Every attendee below this age should be accompanied by the adult guardian.

What to wear for the Lollapalooza Festival?

Shine bright like a diamond, but don’t forget about the comfort. A pair of shorts and a T-Shirt, sundress or a tank top always make a perfect combination for the great Lollapalooza festival outfits.

Do not forget about the warm clothing for the night’s cold. Always put on the comfortable shoes that will let you dance and walk a lot.

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How much does it cost to go to Lollapalooza?

The ticket for the festival starts at $421. The hotel in Chicago, IL will cost at least $240 per night (prices may grow right before the festival, so book it in advance). If you travel by plane, the airfare around the US costs $350 on average.
Additionally, prepare the average $120 for food, drinks, and accidental shopping (merch, souvenirs).

What’s the attendance of this year’s Lollapalooza Festival?

In 2019, around 165,000 fans will visit the Lollapalooza 2019.

What does Lollapalooza mean?

The word “Lollapalooza” is a slang that describes an utterly attractive and impressive person, just like the 2020 festival is.

What to Bring with Yourself for Camping?

The following items will be useful:

  • Tent
  • Air mattress
  • Flag
  • Portable music speaker/fan
  • First aid kit
  • Portable charger
  • Baby wipes
  • Air sofa

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What Is the Pitchfork Festival?

Created to give a boost for the emerging musicians in various genres, Pitchfork Music Festival 2020, organized by the eponymous music magazine, will expand your musical horizons: you’ll see the musicians from various genres, from pop to hip hop, from electronica to jazz and funk.

An internationally recognized event made by professionals, Pitchfork Music Festival has no place for mainstream and profanity and will connect you with the real professionals of music making. Throughout its history starting from 2005, Pitchfork has hosted such artists as GZA, Grimes, Kendrick Lamar, Tame Impala, A Tribe Called Quest, LCD Soundsystem, and many more.

Tickets Info

The prices for the Pitchfork Festival start at $75 for the 1-day pass. The organizers offer the following packages for the fans:

  • Pitchfork Music Festival 3-day pass: starting at $185.
  • Pitchfork Friday Tickets: starting at $75.
  • Pitchfork Saturday Tickets: starting at $75.
  • Pitchfork Sunday Tickets: 75$

Pitchfork Festival tickets are popular and limited, so don’t miss your chance and buy them before other fans do!

Dates and Location

The Pitchfork Festival location for 2020 is same as before: Union Park in Chicago, IL. A picturesque municipal park, it is home to the festival since it’s very beginning in 2005.


The Pitchfork lineup is famous for its non-mainstream set, and the organizers always try to pick both aspiring and successful musicians for the festival. The 2020 lineup of the Pitchfork Chicago music festival will feature Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Run the Jewels, the National, Big Thief, Angel Olsen, Kim Gordon, the Fiery Furnaces, Cat Power, Thundercat, and more.

pitchfork festival lineup 2020

Places to stay near the Pitchfork Festival

The Pitchfork Fest does not offer any camping, so you’ll have to find the nearby housing locations in Chicago.

The hotels near the Pitchfork Festival available for booking are:

  • Ace Hotel Fulton Market Chicago (0.7 miles).
  • Marriott Hotel Medical District Chicago (0.8 miles).
  • Crowne Plaza Chicago West Loop Hotel (1.1 miles).

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Frequently answered question

How long is the Pitchfork Festival?

The festival will last for 4 days, from Friday, July 17, till Monday, July 20.

What kind of music is Pitchfork Music Festival?

Alternative rock, indie rock, electronic, hip hop.

How much does it cost to go to the Pitchfork Festival?

The tickets start at $75. To have a comfortable time, prepare approximately $500-600 for food, water, and alcohol, and if you go to Chicago, you’ll have to spend around $350 for the plane ticket. Also, prepare the money for the hotel, which will cost you from $300 for a four-night stay.

What to Bring with Yourself for Camping?

The following items will be useful: